Transactional Versus Information Keywords Selection

Keyword research is crucial to digital marketing and creating a successful SEO strategy. Moreover, there are different types of keywords with other implications. Transactional and informational keywords are two types of keywords. Understanding the difference and benefits of these two types of keywords helps you boost your website’s performance.


Depending on the content you are creating for your site, you will need more informational or transactional keywords. Using the right keyword for your content leads you to a suitable viewer. For example, provide informative content and use keywords if your viewer is looking for ‘How to…’ or “Tutorial” content.

Definition of informational keywords and Transactional

Website owners use informational keywords when unaware of their audience’s intention. Informational keywords are essential for making valuable content for people looking for information about something. These types of keywords are used to provide information about services, products, guides, or other things. When informational keywords and searches are used in website

content, the website owner can tell which leads are likely to turn into sales and which ones are not.

When you give free information and details about a service or product, these keywords help your site do better. The informational search query includes how, why, what, etc. These keywords provide answers to the most frequently asked questions by your viewers.

You must avoid being pushy, as people will turn away if you only focus on selling your products or services. Try putting yourself in the place of your audience and looking for the content your audience is hoping for. You can use the Google search bar to find the information keyword for your content.

On the other hand, users use transactional keywords when they know that their audience is interested in their services or products. These keywords are easy to spot. For example, “Order,” “Buy,” “Cheap,” “purchased,” etc. Generally, these keywords are used along with other keywords like product or service names.

Transactional keywords help your content meet the requirements of your audience. If the content uses transactional keywords, the website or business owners have already passed the stage of informational keywords. When you use transactional keywords in your content, you can find people ready to buy.

You can also use specific keywords like “coupon,” “discount,” “best,” “top,” etc., to make your content attractive. It will also increase the rank of your content on search engine result pages. A higher ranking means your services or products are visible to potential buyers.

Types of keywords

Choosing the correct keyword makes your page easier to rank. It would help if you understood all the types of keywords for SEO and their applications to gain visibility for your page. Many things, like length, buyer intent, and specific industry, determine a keyword.

Users use three types of SEO keywords by length: long-tail, mid-tail, and short-tail keywords. Long tail keywords contain more than two or three words and have less search volume than others. However, these keywords help you rank easily.

Short-tail keywords contain only one or two words. These keywords have high search volume, causing more competition among website owners. Mid-tail keywords are shorter than long-tail keywords and longer than short-tail keywords.

You can find 4 types of keywords for SEO by buyer intent. These keywords include informational, transactional, navigational, and commercial. You have already learned about transactional and informative keywords. Now, understand the concept and application of the remaining two keywords:

  • Navigational Keyword
  • Viewers use specific brands or companies’ names when looking for an item. The brand name becomes the navigational keyword as it leads people to the official site. When your viewers perform a navigational search, they are already familiar with your brand or product but want more information, like your company’s address or contact information. Some examples of navigational keywords include “Amazon,” “YouTube,” “Digilitics,” etc.

  • Commercial Keyword
  • Users use these keywords to determine their audience’s interest in specific services or products. These keywords include the features and prices of similar products or services competitors sell. Some examples of commercial keywords include “iPad mini-reviews,” “iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 14 Pro,” “Free coffee,” etc. You can use commercial keywords for comparison articles, reviews, or listicles.

Some differences and importance of Transactional keywords

Transactional keywords have the strongest intent to call an action or buy among all the keywords. Users use these keywords to create content for highly optimized pages or pages where viewers are ready to take action on a site.

People usually search for transactional keywords when they have already decided and gotten all the information about your product and brand. Your audience will use these keywords when they want to interact more, like wanting to try your service, download something, or register with your brand. These keywords are significant for developing a successful PPC or SEO strategy.

The main difference between navigational information and transactional searches is that all of them are used at different stages of SEO strategy. Generally, business or website owners use information keywords to attract viewers and increase their ranking on SERP. Information keywords are typically question words and have weak intent to take real action compared to the other two. However, these keywords help build brand awareness. Your brand can become an essential website on the Internet if you provide helpful information to your audience.

Once your brand gains visibility, people will start searching your services or product using navigational keywords to specific keywords. These keywords usually are the name of your brand or company. It allows your audience to reach your website easily.


Nowadays, everybody is looking for ways to make their site perform well. In the upcoming years, digital marketing will become critical for surviving online.

Digilitics help you understand how to do SEO and use its tools. You should continuously learn Digital marketing strategies and implement them to keep your website up to date and attract more clients or customers.

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