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Get the best Google My Business management services with Digilitics

Get the best Google My Business management services with Digilitics

Would you like to get the most out of Google My Business Management Services while spending an amount on monthly training fees? If you don’t want to spend time each month ensuring that you’re doing whatever possible to dominate Google, Google My Business Management Services is perfect.

Starting today, the Digilitics service will tweak your listing to rank higher in relevant local search results for your desired keywords. The Gorilla and your account manager will continue to put in the time and effort each month to:

  • Digilitics helps to put up some pictures and a video
  • Modify it with new elements and tweaks.
  • Maintain a curated collection of frequently asked questions
  • Fix the criticisms
  • Carefully observe your profile stats.
  • Fill out spam reports
  • Track the actions of competitors
  • Keep tabs on your chosen keywords
  • Make a monthly report and anything else that may come up!

Worry not if you have more than one site; the benefits will be magnified. Digilitics helps numerous companies with several locations streamline their Google My Business management to save time and reduce stress.

How does Digilitics help in managing your Google My Business Account?

You’ll need to complete tasks before using Google’s My Business management service.

  • First, you provide us with your location details.

First, Digilitics wants to get to know you. Our straightforward Google My Business Management Services form will gather all the information the Gorilla needs to deal with your GMB listing. If you take your time, you should be able to do this in under 10 minutes.

  • Digilitics Perform a Listing Audit (or Get Started With Verification)

The Google My Business Management Service continues with a review of how well you are doing compared to similar businesses. With all the knowledge Digilitics has gained over the previous five years, The Gorilla will personally perform a comprehensive audit of the GMB listing consisting of one hundred separate tasks. You will be provided with a comprehensive checklist that reveals the current status of your listing. During this stage, Digilitics will claim and verify your Google My Business profile if you don’t have one already.

  • Digilitics devises a strategy.

After an audit, the account manager will design a unique strategy to enhance your business’s Google My Business profile. Your profile will have a clearer route to success in the digital forest if the Gorilla has this information to follow.

  • We optimize and improve your Google My Business page.

It is serious business time for the GMB Gorilla. It will be the account manager’s responsibility and their staff to make any changes to your listing that are required for it to perform at its best. The account manager will constantly contact you to keep you apprised of progress.

  • Every month Digilitics will manage & promote your listing.

You can begin advertising when your Google My Business page is fully optimized. Posts, questions, reviews, spamming reports, account monitoring, & monthly reports will all be handled by your account manager. It guarantees that your listing will continue to receive increased exposure, traffic, phone calls, & new customers.

Why Digilitics?

Using our Google My Business Management Service, you can team up with a Gorilla-CertifiedTM GMB specialist who takes care of all the intricacies (and potential frustrations) of maintaining a prominent Google My Business listing.

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