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SMS & WhatsApp Marketing

As the world evolves, marketing is becoming more and more powerful.

As the world evolves, marketing is becoming more and more powerful. The growing number of smartphone users and their mobile phones are fuelling the growth of WhatsApp as a marketing tool.

Being Digilitics provides 2 kinds of services for WhatsApp

1. WhatsApp Push Services

We offer you mass messaging services using the latest technologies to deliver your messages in real time. Our messaging system reaches its target audience through professionally generated virtual numbers, which enables us to send messages directly to the doorstep of our customers and also helps in promotion.

2. WhatsApp Based Chabot’s

The launch of WhatsApp chatbots is a huge step forward in artificial intelligence and virtual assistants. With the improved machine learning capabilities, chatbot automation will allow businesses to engage with customers on a wide range of platforms. A perfect tool for start-ups and SMEs without a large budget who want to build an engaging customer experience along with an automated workflow.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a commonly used customer communications medium. It enables marketers to reach a broad base of consumers that may or may not be online. It increases brand awareness and reduces the cost of advertising through this more recent method of communication.

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