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Get connected with the best Lead Management System

Get connected with the best Lead Management System

Generate leads using CRM from various channels, including chat campaigns, web forms, and email. Digilitics performs the following steps to create an efficient and effective lead management system: Your sales team may find it challenging to turn prospects into clients. However, our powerful lead management system enables you to smoothly move your prospects from the early stage of brand awareness to the final stage of sales close. Create campaigns, including triggers in push drip email campaigns at different points in the sales funnel, and automate lead nurturing to increase sales. Identify leads, promote them through tailored sales activities, and turn them into devoted clients.

How does Digilitics help in managing your lead management system?

  • Lead capture

Digilitics uses email, websites, social media, webinars, and sponsored ads are all viable options for reaching out to potential customers during lead generation operations. Leads generated via web forms, emails, and live chat may no longer slip between the cracks thanks to an effective lead management system.

  • Lead tracking and enrichment

It would help if you didn’t waste your sales and marketing employees’ time manually entering data or going on a scavenger hunt for lead information.

Public data such as a lead’s job title, region, time zone, firm name, and social media profiles are pulled into a lead’s profile via a lead management system. It can monitor a prospect’s interaction with your company via email and website.

Its illuminating information helps salesmen comprehend their clients’ goals and tailor their approaches accordingly. It provides the background information essential for creating effective email marketing campaigns for your company.

  • Leads Qualification

A contact scoring model is a valuable tool for lead qualification since it grades your contacts according to their level of engagement in your service or product, their demographics, the stage they are in the buying process, and their level of interaction with your business.

By analyzing past interactions and assigning a score to each contact based on characteristics like job role, site behavior, & engagement with your firm, the Digilitics predictive scoring algorithm allows you to prioritize your interactions with key contacts.

The right leads will be quickly identified so your team can focus on closing deals. Sales and marketing departments can save money and time by using lead management software, including contact scoring abilities powered by artificial intelligence.

  • Distribution of Leads

Your sales team will have a better chance of closing deals if they get in touch with leads as soon as possible. Assigning many leads manually to the appropriate sales representatives can slow down the time it takes to respond to leads.

Calls are routed to the appropriate sales teams, phone numbers are assigned to regions, and leads are distributed among sales teams automatically with a sound lead management system.

Instead of looking for new prospects in the CRM system, your sales force may focus on the leads already given to them. Sales territory, top-performing salespeople, and growth opportunities can all be mapped out with the help of reports generated by Digilitics lead management software.

  • Leads Nurturing

Your leads may not all be ready to close a deal. Many of them may be still deciding whether or not your solution will address their needs. The goal of lead nurturing is to inform potential customers of the benefits they will receive from using your goods or services. These leads are not yet ready to buy, but with the help of Digilitics lead management software, you may send them nurturing programs to get them there. Here is where you inform, persuade, and sell them on the merits of your product or service, utilizing content and special offers.

Why Digilitics?

An overview of crucial lead data, including name, company, contact details, salesperson assigned, and more, can be quickly accessed with a customer relationship management system like Freshsales. Using Digilitics CRM, you can call leads directly or make inbound calls directly from a conversation. After leads have been generated and tracked, Digilitic’s powerful lead management software can distribute them to local sales representatives according to predefined criteria.

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