Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Do you want to increase your revenue with digital marketing?

Are you looking for high paying customers?

If yes then you need a professional service of Search engine marketing (SEM). Search engines are becoming an essential need of digital marketing for every kind of business and company for targeting their desired audience reliably. Search engines are allowing users to browse through the internet and let them approach their desired product. For example if a user is looking for a “watch” to buy online, he will use search engine to find the relevant ecommerce store when he can buy, this typical use of search engine by 99% of internet users made search engine a tool for the product owners to generate more sales by launching search engine marketing campaigns.

We here at Digilitics serve our clients professionally who are looking to boost their sales by doing search engine marketing. We have a dedicated team for this service and we are proud to offer this service to our clients because we are doing this for last 15 years and helped thousands of our clients to grow and groom their sales conversion.

Let’s have a closer look on how our search engine marketing service can benefit our client and how it really works. Search engine marketing is an advertisement strategy which works by launching pay per click (ppc) campaigns, and it helps our client’s product to get more visibility in front of a relevant user looking for a relevant product in search engine result pages. Our experts can develop such search engine marketing strategy for your product that your products landing page can get a sudden increase in the numbers of visitors and potential customer. Our expert team do so by precisely using the relevant key words and optimizing the quality score and performance of your marketing ads.

Following is the strategy our experts use to launch a successful SEM campaign for your business to generate a lot more revenue for you.

  • Analyzing most relevant and high performing keywords

High performing and most relevant keywords plays a vital role in success of your search engine marketing campaign. Our expert team will find those keywords and eliminate any other irrelevant key word by using different tools and their 15 years of experience.

  • Creative change in ads and landing page

In order to fill your sales funnel our expert team of search engine marketing use the targeted keywords obtained from step one and creatively put them in your text based ad and landing page to ensure the optimization and pushing the visitor of those keywords to your website .

  • Tracing the accounts and setting

Tracking of search engine ability to track leads is very important as it will let us know that how those targeted keywords are positively encouraging more visitors to buy from you. Our experts double check this search engine ability and do any necessary code change changes in your landing pages to measure positive results of campaign. Our team also check setting like language, locations and devices you want to specifically target.

  • Launch and monitoring of campaign to ensure its success

After the successful tracing of high performing key words, creatively inducing them in your marketing ad and landing page our expert team launch your campaign and at the back end also keep measuring the trends of its performance.

  • Analysis and reporting

Our expert team measure the performance of your campaign launched on search engine and create a report and inform you about the campaign results. We always ensure that our strategy of search engine marketing always bring positive and long-lasting results for your business. We also use this report for your future needs of paid search engine marketing campaign. Thus lowering the cost of your next campaign.

Still have a query or want to know the estimate cost of your project, please let us know on “Contact us” page. We love to hear from you and will guide you professionally. Our initial consultation is free of cost, so feel at ease while contacting.

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