Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing

Demand of mobile applications is increasing day by day due to increasing numbers of smartphone’s internet users. Around 80 % of the today’s internet is being surfed on mobile and out of which 60 % is surfed through Mobile applications.

Business owners are now making their business apps to provide an easy to use experience to their potential clients. For example an Airline company in Chicago should have a mobile app so that their customers can easily go through the different features like booking of tickets etc. from the ease of their smartphones.

There is a cut throat competition between the companies for their apps development and making it as useful and charming for their clients as possible. So in order to beat the competition, a mobile applications testing service is a must in order to make the app bugs free and user friendly.

We here at Digilitics has a dedicated team of experienced quality assurance mobile engineers who are committed to provide best mobile application testing services to our clients. We believe in quality, creativity and professionalism, and that’s why we always deliver quality work for our client in order to give a positive boost to his/ her business.

Our mobile application testing service method has 13 simple steps as follow:

  1. Gathering requirements from clients
  2. Planning the testing
  3. Case designing according to needs of every client.
  4. Creating separate testing environment
  5. Testing manually
  6. Automated testing by using different tools
  7. Testing user interface and usability
  8. Testing app performance
  9. Testing for security checks for the app
  10. Testing compatibility with different devices
  11. Bug and glitch finding and reporting
  12. Repetition of process to ensure maximum quality work
  13. Creating and delivery of application test reports to clients.

We offer mobile application testing services for every kind of mobile application, whether it is on iOS, android or any other operating system etc. We have created separate testing environment for each kind of operating system so in order to ensure the bug-free and secure mobile application which can work and grab clients from every kind of mobile operating system.

  • Testing service for Android application

By the year 2012 android operating system is used by over 73 percent of mobiles worldwide, and that’s why a mobile application should be compatible with android operating system to grab the attention of 73% of mobile users. Our team has developed a strategy to test mobile applications on android operating system by using devices of more than 80 major mobile making companies so to ensure an applications compatibility with every kind of mobile made and model.

  • Testing service for iOS applications

iOS system is the used by around 25% of APPLE smartphone users and this 25% community belong to vital class and they are more prone to buy things from internet. So it is very important to provide a user friendly and bug free experience of a mobile app to these users. In order to deal with this, our dedicated iOS app testing team use different strategies and tools to ensure our clients apps working on IOS operating system.

We ensure a quality work for our clients and let them enjoy the best out of their mobile application and generate lot of business.

So if you still have a query or confused about mobile application testing?

Contact us now on contact us page and get free initial consultation, we love to hear from you.

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