Code Igniter

Code Igniter

These days a successful business needs a successful and dynamic website built by professionals to cope the need of day by day increasing demand of online purchases. There are multiple web app development platforms like YII2 FRAMEWORK, PHP, WordPress and CodeIgniter etc, but the most reliable, cost effective and speedy way to develop a website which has the ability to grab more attention and prone to easy updates is built by Codeiginter framework.

Here at Digilitics web agency we offer our clients with number of options for building new websites but our recommendation for those clients who are looking for a new website with speedy development and with reliable security is CodeIgniter. Our agency own the experience of certified Codeiginter web developers who are able enough to build a hassle free and dynamic website within client’s budget and time he mentioned.

CodeIgniter was first released in 2006 by ElissLab and its preferred mother language is PHP. Since then it evolved and now it is comprised of bundles of free plug-ins and scripts which not only help developers to make a website with less effort but also allow the website owner to enjoy the most customized design and loading speed he ever come across. Following are some of the benefits you will get upon hiring us for web development by CodeIgniter.

  • Super responsive and user friendly interface

Our Codeiginter web developers are committed to supply quality work to our clients and that’s why they use CodeIgniter web framework for making your website more responsive to every kind of device and looks great by adding a user friendly and most advanced interface.

  • Easy Migration

Do you know many of the great websites out there on internet like adobe, Udemy Quinstreet etc. are using Codeiginter framework for the development of their websites because this framework allows an easy migration without any interruption of any kind of database. Our team offers such services of migration by using CodeIgniter to our clients who are willing to move their website to a new server.

  • Enhanced SEO

When a new website is developed by our developers through CodeIgniter , our developer try to code it from scratch and process it in a way that it can become more search engine friendly. As SEO friendly website guarantee the growth of a business online that’s why our developer add built-in feature in website for enhanced SEO, and we also offer SEO services separately for the clients who are already having a website but failed in doing SEO even after spending lot of money on keywords and content optimization.

  • Step by step website testing

When our developers made a website by using CodeIgniter framework they get the ability to test its performance even from page to page and hence this helps our developers to make an awesome website for you which is tested a lot times on every step and hence presence of any kind of glitch or unresponsiveness is not possible. Website performance is enhanced by this process and that is why Codeiginter is becoming more popular among reputed web agencies who are committed to deliver quality work to their clients.

  • Enhanced Security of website

When a website is built from scratch by using code igniter it goes through multiple phases of encryption and decryption thus making such websites foolproof to security breaches. Our Codeiginter developers ensure the fixing of any kind of bug in security of a website and made website most protected websites against malware attack. In ecommerce websites where payment gateways are used it is mandatory to use foolproof security protocols because such payment gateways are most targeted hits for cyber attacking. Our Web agency is committed to make such points of a website of our clients more secure by manually coding the security layer by Codeiginter and thus we are still receiving positive responses from our previous clients.

We are providing web services especially in website development field from very longtime and by far now we never hear back negatively from any of our previous client on any kind of security breaches to any of the website we have built for them. So if you are also looking for such secured, user friendly and creatively designed website for your business then let us now on contact us page. We love to hear from you and will do free consultation in creating idea more productive for you.

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