Website Development

Website Development

Do you know 85% of people who are looking for services on Google maps judge a service provider’s credibility by visiting their website & 5 out of 10 people buy services by reaching a service provider through their website?

On very affordable rates we here at Digilitics help business owners, organizations, schools and individuals in building a website to overrun their competitors who are attracting 55% more clients with their websites.

We assure that a new website developed by the team of Digilitics can increase your revenue & market share by increasing your client’s conversion rate by 55%. We claim this because we believe in quality work and our professional and innovative website developer team have bundle of experience in this field. We already served numbers of clients by providing awesome website designs, user interference by utilizing the web development tools like Codeiginter, WordPress, YII2 Framework and custom PHP. We also provide the most in demand ecommerce store websites and also assist our client’s in handling the store’s website in initial stages.

A successful website development process involves seven very important stages and we have experts to handle every step professionally. Let’s say you contact us with an idea to launch a website for your business or want to make an online store, we will develop a website by following these important steps.

  1. Defining the Idea

We will ask you to fill a questionnaire so we can better understand your idea and work accordingly.  We will ask you about your business goals, your business details, your targeted audience, and what kind of competition you are facing in marketing. All these details can help us to make exactly the same website you are thinking of, to promptly grow your business.

  1. Planning the project

This stage involve the creation of Sitemap which is prototype of your future website, and creation of wire frame add details of layout of website pages.

  1. Designing

This step includes creation of user interference (UI) design which will provide your website a brand identity exactly according to your needs. This is very important stage of website development that’s why we have hired most experienced team of website designer so that no stone remain unturned in deploying your brand identity online, and your visitors also feels the credibility of your website.

  1. Creation of content

This stage is the writing of proper content or displaying of videos and other visual material for your website so that visitors can read or watch the details and then can contact you. This is also a vital stage of website development because this content creation can grab attention of visitor and convert him from visitor to costumer. For ensuring the successful conversion rate of your website our expert team of copywriter and animators will dually check the content and also make sure its originality.

  1. Development process

This process is technical and involves coding done by expert website developers team who will combine the sitemaps, wireframes, UI, design and content and make your website functional.

  1. Testing phase

This stage involves the testing of your websites for verification of its error free working and checking for broken links, Digilitics team make sure that website work well on kinds of devices and working properly to hand it over to you.

  1. Maintenance phase

This phase is as important as any other working machine like AC or Cars needs maintenance. Although we try our best to make your website secure enough to avoid being attacked by malwares, but sometime due to mishandling by inexperienced clients can cause the website to lag, so we offer maintenance service to our client’s website. It can also be needed if your business started growing and you want to add new pages are want to modify or refresh the designs.

For detailed information regarding any of the above mentioned services or any phase of website development, please contact us now for a free consultation. We love to hear your idea and shape it digitally.

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