SMS Marketing Services

SMS Marketing Services

Are you interested in sending bulk messages with sale generating content to your potential clients?

If yes then you should have to know about the power of Bulk SMS messaging. There are more than 5 billion users of mobile users worldwide and this huge number of mobile users facilitate business owners to contact and reach their potential clients more efficiently and professionally.

Bulk SMS marketing is proved to be much efficient, cost effective and professional then any of the other digital marketing services. It allows the business to directly contact with their clients and send them texts, which could be a promotional message and it is proved to most effective and time saving method of marketing because on average 97 out 100 people see the incoming message in  first 10 minutes of delivery.

Messages delivered through SMS is 5 times more effective than that of message delivered in form of email. Although there are restrictions by some telecom providers to avoid bulk messaging etc but still it can be proved beneficial for businesses. Many business owners like this kind of marketing because SMS marketing allow the business owner to deliver their words in very less time.

We here at Digilitics offer SMS marketing services to our clients who are looking for a professional way to connect to their desired audience and leverage their sales. We have a dedicated team of SMS marketing gurus who are specialized in this field and have a vast experience of 15 years in this field. We guarantee that a SMS marketing campaign launched by our team can add 50 % more sale to your business. We say this because we have a clean and proved track record of launching successful SMS marketing campaign for our previous clients who are still praising our services.

Our SMS marketing service offer following benefits:

  • Increase revenue with more sale generation
  • Saving cost of expensive hard copy advertisement
  • Customer satisfaction due to detailed content delivered to them
  • Ability to know the clients behavior about the product
  • Comparatively less time consumed due to instant delivery
  • Instant customer service can build strong reputation for your business

Our experts launch SMS marketing campaign on your behalf and do the necessary things professionally .Following are some the steps we follow while launching a campaign.

  • Generating leads of targeted audience

We collect leads, and contact numbers of your desired audience from various sources by using our state of the art developed tools and softwares.

  • Numbers and groups verification

There is a secret strategy to verify numbers and to ensure that they really working, we apply this strategy to ensure each number is valid and working.

  • Content creation

We create content like templates, product offers etc. our professional team do this in very aesthetic manner in order to convince the potential client to buy from you.

  • Sending your words

We use different paid services where we are owning different number from different countries like USA, Canada, England and Australia etc to deliver your words in respective code number to increase client trust in message they received.

  • Reporting the results

We made a report of consumer interaction and their willingness to buy from you and deliver this report to you. We are convinced that SMS marketing done by our experts can definitely bring you a lot of business while saving your budgets of other ways of digital marketing. We always share end result of a campaign to our clients. In fact they usually start feeling positive increase of sales within few days of campaign launching, but we always prepare report and submit it to client for satisfaction and future campaigns.

So if you are interested in increasing your brand’s reputation online by using Bulk and targeted SMS marketing, but have no time or you don’t know how to do things properly then we can help you with utmost dedication. Our team can also train you by the time so you can manage things on your own if you have enough time to do so.

Contact us now to get further details. We love to hear from you and guide you professionally.

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