Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Do your website is not ranking on first page of search results in a search engine?

Are you are facing sudden decline in incoming inquiry calls and sale conversion?

Do you developed a new website and want to outrun the market competition?

If yes to any of these questions then you need a professionally handled Search engine optimization service. According to a study 90% of sales happen on online businesses starts from search engine. For example “John” is looking to buy a watch from online ecommerce store, he will search it in search engine and 97% chances are that he will buy watch from the websites he see on first page of search results. That’s why it is very important for a website to rank on the first page of search engine results, this will give more exposure to the website and bring more sales.

We here at Digilitics provide our customer one of the best search engine optimization services for their websites or online stores. There are a lot of search engines working around the globe but most famous of them are Google, Bing Yandex etc. and our team is experienced and have up to date knowledge of changing trends in these search engine algorithms. This help our team to do a quality job for our client, no matter which search engine they want to target or where they are residing. We have a dedicated team of digital marketing gurus who not only have experience of more than 15 years in Search engine optimization but also committed to ensure profits for our clients.

Following are the steps our team follow to do SEO for our client’s website.

  • Discovering your goals

In this phase we determine the goals and aims of client’s business and this help our team to determine the digital marketing needs of that business website. We also determine KPI for your business. These initial investigation allow our team to build a suitable strategy for your business to grow online.

  • Analyzing the market

In this phase we do in-depth analysis of market competition in in your relevant product and compile all the business data which can determine the factors disturbing your digital marketing and Search engine optimization.

  • Making strategy for your exact needs

In this phase we determine the gaps in your search engine optimization and develop a strategy that can cope your business needs efficiently.

  • Executing the strategy to analyze results

After developing a successful strategy for your business website we optimize your website by optimizing the blogs, pages and picture with most performing and relevant keywords. We also give a steroidal boost to your business listing. This will help you to come on first page of search engine first page.

  • Measuring the impacts of strategy

As the algorithms of search engines are constantly updating, that’s why in order to cope your future need of SEO we keeps measuring the impact of currently launched SEO campaign , this will help you to get SEO in very low cost by working again with us.

  • Reporting to client

Our team of Search engine optimization will constantly in touch with you throughout the project for providing support and reporting the impacts of currently launched SEO campaign or your website.

Hire us now as we will service your needs for SEO with 100 percent professionalism because we are:

  • 15 year experienced
  • We always play fair
  • We have a dedicated team for SEO services
  • We are constantly up dating our strategies with evolving algorithms of search engines
  • We guarantee positive results and report the consequences of SEO campaign instantly

Still have a query or want to know the estimate cost of your project, please let us know on “Contact us” page. We love to hear from you and will guide you professionally. Our initial consultation is free of cost, so feel at ease while contacting.

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