Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

Do you want to use the leverage of immense power of email marketing?

Are you ready to deliver your words to 4 billion active email user?

If yes then give few minutes to this article and you will be glad to know that your revenue can get multiplications in days when you launch an email marketing campaign for your products. There are about 4 billion active users of emails across the globe. No other platform offer such huge number of active users, this make email marketing a vital component of digital marketing and success for a business to grow online.

We here at Digilitics offer email marketing services to our clients who are looking for a professional way to connect to their desired audience and leverage their sales. We have a dedicated team of email marketing gurus who are specialized in this field and have a vast experience of 15 years in this field. We guarantee that an email marketing campaign launched by our team can add 65 % more sale to your business. We say this because we have a clean and proved track record of launching successful email marketing campaign for our previous clients who are still praising our services.

Email marketing campaign launched by experts can help you build a strong, professional, and sale driving relationship with clients. We collect verified leads relevant to your product and contact them professionally while avoiding spamming, it leads to increase in return of investment and you will start feeling the positive increase in number of your customers in few days of launching the campaign.

Following are some of the benefits you will get upon hiring us for email marketing:

  • Save your money while building customer loyalty
  • Reach targeted audience and get more sales
  • Get more replies thus gaining more chances to build customer trust
  • Save your time and effort by doing audience specific marketing
  • Our results testing of campaign will let you know the campaign performance
  • Reporting of analytics will help you gain confidence for next campaign

Following 5 steps will show you how we launch a successful email marketing campaign for your business and let you enjoy 2500% return of investment. I.e. we claim that one dollar invested in email marketing can made you 25 $ in return.

  1. Reviewing of your campaign templates

Template written in a professional way can hit the customer interest and can persuade him to buy from you. Our content creators and copy writers do this task to ensure quality of template.

  1. Checking for technical glitches which can cause spamming

Our technical team audit the spamming and resolve any issue which is leading your email to get into the spams section of consumer. This helps saving budget and wasting of efforts.

  1. Verification of leads and emails

Every year around 20% of emails become outdated and replaced by new one, so we always ensure the email validity and working before hitting on them. This help us to interact only with active emails.

  1. Checking for glitches and updates in your email automation tools

This checking for glitches and update in email automation tools is very important and we do it every time we launch a new campaign for our client, this is because glitches and update recommendation can cause lagging and mis-delivery of emails thus causing loss in campaign.

  1. Reporting the campaign results and recommending any changes

We always share end result of a campaign to our clients. In fact they usually start feeling positive increase of sales within few days of camping launching, but we always prepare report and submit it to client for satisfaction and future campaigns

So if you are interested in increasing your brand’s reputation online, but have no time or you don’t know how to do things properly then we can help you with utmost dedication. Our team can also train you by the time so you can manage things on your own if you have enough time to do so.

Contact us now to get further details. We love to hear from you and guide you professionally.

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