Database Marketing Services

Database Marketing Services

Are you looking to a targeted audience for selling your products?

Do you want to hit only to relevant audience to deliver your words?

If yes then you should have to know about the power of database marketing. Database marketing is all about gathering exact knowledge of audience which is perfect for your products to buy. For example if you are selling kids items then you wish to target only fostering parents. Sending promotional messages are showing your ads to any other audience will be useless as they don’t need that product. Here database marketing came for your rescue and help you send personalized messages to relevant audience. But database marketing is not that easy and many business owners don’t have time to do database research on their own due to lack of enough time and knowledge.

Here at Diglitics we offer database marketing service to the clients who are looking to grow their business by targeting only specific audience. We have a dedicated team for database management and marketing. Our teams of experts had developed some very useful tools and softwares for doing in-depth database research and analytics. Moreover our team has 15 years’ experience in this field which allow our web agency to proudly claim that we can enhance your sales to 67% by launching a proper database marketing campaign.

Following are some of the benefits you will get upon hiring us for your database marketing needs:

  • Save your money while building customer loyalty
  • Reach targeted audience and get more sales
  • Get more replies thus gaining more chances to build customer trust
  • Save your time and effort by doing audience specific marketing
  • Our results testing of campaign will let you know the campaign performance
  • Reporting of analytics will help you gain confidence for next campaign

Database mining and compiling data about already existing customers and new potential clients can be done by using emotional intelligence. We deploy a unique strategy which is a mix of both artificial intelligence and human efforts to create a powerful database for increasing sales of your product. Most prominent features of a consumer which we will compile for you are as follow:

  • Data acquisition

 Our expert team of Database management compile separate data for every user and determine that which kind of browser , app or affiliate link he/she used to reach your website and what he really up to.

  • Data about customer demography

This includes data about customer’s age, marital status, location and education etc.

  • Customer behavior on third party apps or websites

This data will show a customer interaction on third party apps, website and browsers. This will help business to improve their landing pages and product descriptions by deeply analyzing specific client’s orientation toward a product.

  • Activity of a client on social media

This data can check for customer’s activity on social media like what kinds of ads he is getting exposure of, and what kind of campaign he clicked etc.

  • Customer willingness to fill survey:

This is very important to know that if a potential client is giving enough time to fill a survey and what kind of survey he feel charming. This data can help business to shape a handsome brand strategy.

  • Recent purchase

This data about recent purchase history can help business to get an idea that what an average customer is willing to spend on an item and what price should a company to consider while sending promotional messages to these specific users.

NOTE: There are many other database services we offer but we never provide confidential or personal information of any user to any company or client.

So if you are interested in increasing your brand’s reputation online by using database marketing, but have no time or you don’t know how to do things properly then we can help you with utmost dedication. Our team can also train you by the time so you can manage things on your own if you have enough time to do so.

Contact us now to get further details. We love to hear from you and guide you professionally.

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